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NAB raises Australian dollar forecasts

Having held our nerve through the first seven months of 2017 with our long-standing call for the AUD/USD to fall to 70 cents by the end of this year, the ever-diminishing prospects for a significant near-term recovery in the US dollar now forces us to acknowledge that it is now difficult to expect such a steep fall this year.Next year could still be a very different story, in particular, if US rates move up above Australian equivalents, which is the NAB forecast.But for end Q3, we lift our forecast from 0.73 to 0.78, and for year-end from 0.70 to 0.75.

In 2018, we now suggest a low of around 0.73, from 0.70 previously

I still see the risk of one more spike higher as the Fed disappoints hawks owing to the oil shock hitting inflation and as the tail end of the Chinese stimulus whips through markets. But its a growing sentiment in the market that Fed will raise the rate in this December. lets see… 🙂 🙂